Call Of Duty


Alias: Vengeance
First competitive game was Ghost Recon. Moved to GoW 1 and placed 3rd at UGS. Placed Top 32 MLG Meadowlands for GoW 2 and was invited to Hypefestation 2 for GoW 3. Played Marvel and Injustice competitively before coming back to Call of Duty. I play any game that has a competitive scene and I play to win.

Alias: Super
Been playing the Call of Duty series since Cod4. Didn’t really follow competitive Call of Duty till the end of MW3. Started playing Black Ops 2 competitively with Vengeance and Narc. MLG Columbus 2013 will be my first event. I only play shooters competitively and I hate losing.

Alias: DeadLy
I consider myself a very competitive person and winning is my passion. My first competitive game was Counter Strike where I led the number one team. Won multiple tournaments for Gears of War 1, 2, 3, and 4. Placed pro at MLG/ WCG throughout Gears 2, and placed 3rd at WCG Grand finals. I now compete on Call of Duty, and the hunger is really real!

Alias: Narc
I started playing shooters competitively with Counter Strike on the computer. I played in many CAL league tournaments. Played every Call of Duty since CoD2. Went to CGS for Blops2. Ready to blow stuff up on CoD Ghost.